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Email marketing is a proven winner and we developed a simple to use campaign management system that brings enterprise quality performance to any web site.

We integrated our email tools with SendGrid in order to create the best possible sending, tracking and delivery system.


email marketing tools

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Ask about or web portals© for sports league management or© for small businesses.

Usable Email Stats

Stats are sent each week and real time stats are reported directly from SendGrid to the Email Marketing Tool each time a campaign is sent.

Stats that tell you what you need to know. Sendgrid provides these stats as well as details about bounced emails. An email marketer can clean a database and better target users to increase the number of opens. Drive that traffic to a web site or a store front where further sales data can be collected. With Payne Media systems all of that data resides in one secure lcation. POS, web and phone sales all in one place.